What is an Investment Pitch?

A pitch is something that not just describes your business, product or service but also excites and inspires the investors.  It allows you to present your innovative business idea to potential investors.  I provide my clients with an opportunity to practice their pitch until it is perfect.


Why Hire Business Consulting?

Approximately 95 percent of the entrepreneurs fail to pitch to investors in any pitching event mainly because of gaps in the business plans, visible weakness in the product or service being pitched, or major errors in the financial plans.  On an average, only 5 percent of the entrepreneurs successfully pitch to investors.  I work with my clients to eliminate all these flaws to make their pitch perfect.

I am fully capable of working with the entrepreneurs anywhere within the UK.  I can also introduce you to pitching events in all the major cities of the UK.

I offer fully personalised pitching support on an individual basis and in a protective, supportive and stress-free environment.  My aim is to support entrepreneurs enabling them to discuss offers with financiers, angel investors, serial entrepreneurs, key influencers and experienced high-level professionals.


My Business Consulting Fee

  • Feedback on your business proposal and first consultation are offered without any charges and obligations.

  • A fully personalised coaching session for perfecting your pitch is charged at the rate of £150 per hour.

  • Additional cost may apply to cover the charges of the entry fee at the pitching events.


How to Approach?

Contact in confidence with a maximum 2 pages summary of your proposed business, product, or service.  You are requested to avoid sending a complete business plan.