What Do I Do?

I am here to facilitate both fresh and experienced entrepreneurs and business owners by offering them with personalised training and coaching based on my extensive experience of several years as an entrepreneur and business owner.  I have the capability to support you in strategic planning, investments, and oversight.  I tend to adopt a holistic approach as a business consultant and a business advisor while assessing your business and providing guidance about business management.  I assure my clients to have a comprehensive, validated and clearly focused business strategy.


My Vision

My vision is to help you drive your business growth through my extensive business portfolio and network of professionals from the corporate world.  I am fully capable of working with all kinds of business owners at any phase of their business development.  I have chosen to set my reputation together with an intrepid objective, which is to unlock the potential of growth in my clients.  I strongly believe in myself that I can facilitate to shape a dynamic economy where my clients and their businesses can flourish.

How Do I Work?

Before a formal meeting, you will be required to submit a precise business proposal of maximum two pages. This could be a summary of your formal business plan or simply an innovative business idea in its initial form. This allows me to effectively plan my time and consultation services to facilitate you in a better way.

The initial business consultation is completely free of any charge and requires no obligations.